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Arrowhead District Pinewood Derby Rules

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    1. CONDUCT
      1. Good Sportsmanship is required at all times.

      1. The race is open to all Tiger Cub Scouts, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts registered in Arrowhead District. The top three winners at the pack level are selected to represent the Pack at the District Pinewood Derby. If one of these is unable to attend then the 4th place winner should be selected. If he is unable to attend then the 5th place winner, and so on. Webelo II Scouts that bridge after qualifying at the Pack level are not allowed to represent the Pack and the next place winner automatically is moved up in the rankings for District representation.
      2. Cars must have been made for the Pinewood Derby held this year by the Pack that the boy is registered with. Cars made for a previous year's derby or cars made for the Pinewood Derby race of a prior Pack are not permitted.
      3. Timed runs will determine the winners in a lane rotation system. Total times of one race, once on each track will determine the winner.
      4. If a car jumps off the track, the heat will be run again. If the same car jumps off the track a second time, it will automatically lose the heat.
      5. If a car leaves its lane and interferes with another car, the heat will be run again. If the same care leaves its lane a second time and interferes with another car the heat will be run again without the interfering car. The interfering car will automatically lose the heat.
      6. If a car suffers a major mechanical problem; lose an axle, break a wheel, etc., and a repair can be made in a reasonable time (maximum of 5 minutes), the heat will be run again. If not, the car will automatically lose the heat. For repeated mechanical failures, only two repairs will be allowed. Repairs after every race is not allowed and the car will have to run 'as is' if possible. The loss of a weight(s), car decorations or 'drivers' does NOT constitute the race being run again unless the dropped part interferes with another car.
      7. Only race officials and boys racing will be permitted into the registration and track area. As with all rules, this rule will be strictly enforced.
      8. Late arrivals on Race Day will not be allowed to race in the Scout races. 'Late' means after the first race has been run.

      1. Each car must pass inspection by the Official Inspection Team before it may compete. The Inspection Team had the right to disqualify those cars which do not meet these rules. Car owners will be informed of the violations and given an opportunity to modify the car to meet these rules. Any modifications must be done at the Pit area not at the inspection table.

      1. Maximum overall width (including wheels and axles) shall not exceed 2-3/4"
      2. Minimum width between wheels shall be 1-3/4" (so cars will clear the center guide strip)
      3. Minimum clearance between the bottom of the car and track shall be 3/8" (so cars will clear the center guide strip)
      4. Maximum length shall not exceed 7" - make sure you check the supplied block in the kit for compliance.
      5. The wheel base (distance between the front and rear axles) may not be changed from the Official Kit. All cars will use the existing slots for the supplied axles.

      1. Weight shall not exceed 5 ounces. The readings of the Official Race Scales will be considered final. The car may be hollowed out and built up to the maximum weight by the addition of wood or metal, provided it is securely built into the body or firmly affixed. Weights affixed to the outside bottom of the car may be used provided they meet the minimum clearance requirements (see 4c above). No unsecured materials of any kind are permitted in or on the car during the races.
      2. Mercury shall not be used for adding weight. It is a potential health hazard. Other liquid or movable weights or any sort may not be used.
      3. Details such as steering wheel, driver, spoiler, decals, painting and interior details are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications.
      4. Cars with wet paint will not be accepted.

      1. Only the official Scout Grand Prix Wheels and axles can be used. Wheels and axles can not be modified, except as noted below.
      2. Wheel bearings, washers or bushings are prohibited.
      3. The car shall not ride on any type of springs.
      4. The car must be free-wheeling with no starting device or other propulsion.
      5. Wheels can not be altered in any shape or form except to remove the plastic flashing or molding burr.
      6. Wheels can not raised intentionally by altering the slots or drilling an additional hole for the axle.

      1. Only dry powdered lubricants, such as graphite, may be used. Regular oils, Teflon or silicone lubricants or sprays may soften the plastic wheels and therefore are not permitted. Any excess lubrication that may run onto the track during the race will be removed prior to the race.
      2. Cars may be lubricated before inspection. No further lubrication will be permitted.
      3. Once a car completes the inspection and is 'qualified' to race, it will not be handled by anyone but the race committee. Repairs, as needed, will be supervised by a race committee member. No lubrication can be added during the repair.

      1. See Rule #1a.
      2. Any participant (including the parent of the participant) has the right of appeal to the Race Committee for an interpretation of these rules. The Race Committee, by majority vote, will be the final judge of these rules. In case of a tie vote, the decision of the Race Committee Chairperson will be final.
      3. Ungentlemanly or unsportsmanslike conduct by any participant or member of the audience will be grounds for expulsion from the competition and/or the race area. Unsportsmanlike conduct is also grounds for disqualification at the discretion of the Race Committee.
      4. Situations not covered by these rules will be resolved by a majority vote of the Race Committee. This decision will be considered final.

    Family Member Races

    Just about anything goes. Use your imagination and have some fun.
    Keep in mind that all we're winning is bragging rights.

    1. Good sportsmanship will be observed at all times.
    2. The races are open to parents, Leaders, siblings, prior Scouts, etc. Just about anyone involved in the Pack that isn't a Scout.
    3. New cars only. No cars from previous years allowed.
    4. No interference will other cars during the race.
    5. Standard kits must be used including the wheels, block and axles.
    6. The weight cannot exceed 5.0 oz as measured on the official scale.
    7. Length cannot exceed 7" - that standard block length.
    8. Height - as long as it clears the finish line (about 3") then it's okay.
    9. No motors, engines, compressed air or anything else to help give it a push - gravity only. Batteries for light, horns, etc. are acceptable.
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